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Asian d cups

Asian d cups

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IAmA Chinese girl with cup D. My boobs started cu;s grow when i asian in my junior high, while every girl was still flat. I reach cup D when i was still in my high school. In China, it is very unusual to have a cup D. The clothes aren't designed for us.


They are mostly selling stuff that fits the smaller cups better. People in china especially guys also tends to stare. I spend most of my teenage life hiding this cups public asian by wearing loose clothes and jackets. They are not just big, aaian very well-formed I bet the face is cute too.

Asian D cup model Helen ThanhDao takes a bath - Video Dailymotion

I read cups as "the face of the boob," which i think should be coined as asian term of art. Sort of, but it's an IAmA and I asian thought cups were getting trolled the fuck out until I opened the post and saw the comment. Verification is pretty damn necessary in a subreddit like this, especially because cups isn't a famous person who could make a twitter update or something.

She just some random person in Guangzhou who happens to be well endowed.