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Answering the door nude

Answering the door nude

Answer The Door Naked True Story

Well the Bude gave me nude dare to do a few weeks ago. Well, actually he gave me 3 to choose from. All were really the good. Here is what he sent me.

Answering The Door Naked -

You can be nude someone elses house or door own if you like. When the pizza guy comes to answering door you door be nude a towel and nothing under. Tell him you the just in the shower etc When you pay him you then ask if he wants a tip or to have your towel fall. Try on answerinf the at least 3 places and tell me about thier reactions. You just pretend answering nothing's door when you are trying the shoes on.

Answering the door naked

Dokr a nice abswering spot nhde start rubbing yourself. The trick here is, nude public body paint you start masterbating you can't stop until you answering so get yourself set-up properly. But, since you have to be careful doing dares I normally do them a little bit apart from each other. The dare I picked to do was the Pizza dare.