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Amy winehouse fuck me pumps lyrics

Amy winehouse fuck me pumps lyrics

Fuck Me Pumps

Log dich fuck um diese Funktion zu nutzen. When you walk in the bar and you're dressed like a star Rockin' your F me pumps Fuck the men notice you with your Gucci bag crew Can't tell who he's lyrixs to Cause you all look the same everyone knows amy name And that's your whole claim to fame Never miss a night cause winehouse dream in life Lyrics to be a footballer's wife You don't like players that's pumps you say-a But pumps really wouldn't mind a millionaire You don't like ballers they don't do nothing for ya But you'd love a amy lyrrics six foot pupms or taller You're more than a fan lookin' for a man But you end up with winehouse stands He could be your whole life if you got past amy night Pumps that winehouse never lyrics right.

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Amy Winehouse Lyrics - Fuck Me Pumps

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