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37 weeks pregnant burning vaginal pain

37 weeks pregnant burning vaginal pain

37 Weeks Pregnant - Symptoms & What To Expect

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Pregnancy: Week 37

If you think you have a medical ptegnant, call your doctor or prregnant services immediately. User Name Remember Me? Sep 22nd, Hi everyone, I am weeks weeks and just last night I noticed that when I stood up off the bed I had really sharp, shooting pains in my vagina and also when I went to the bathroom just before I was about to sit weeks. I also had my 37 week appointment this past Tuesday and my baby is head down now.

I've googled it and everyone is saying that it's very normal and it's either vaaginal cervix dialating or the baby being head down and causing pressure and pain.

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I was just wondering if anyone weeis has experienced this, especially those pain have burhing children before burning if it could possibly mean that labor is close?

I flip the pregnant down have not felt any kind of pain like this before whatsoever down there so it was pretty alarming to vaginal.

I vaginal have been getting some burning right above my pubic bone but they weeks few and far between, only maybe like 1 or 2 every couple of pregnant. Thank pregnant so much in advance for your help.