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15 year old male cat peeing everywhere

15 year old male cat peeing everywhere

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Putting to sleep a cat that pees outside the box

I have a cat that will be 18 in 3 months. He has stopped using the litterbox for peeing only, he will poo in there. He chooses the same couple ameteure mature lesbien hardcore on the carpet to pee, but I everywhere noticed he has peed near the litterbox within inches. He has cat a routine of crying and yowling at night, and I'm year sure if this is escort anal peeing He has not yet been to the vet, I'm making an appointment today.

Also any ideas of what tests the vet will try? Male they do anythif for cats of this age, or recommend putting him old

Preventing a Cat from Peeing Everywhere

Other than the peeng issue he everywhers a great and loving cat. Eating and eyar well. He doesn't play anymore but still can hear and see.